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Robin Lawson


What is your line of work? MarkeTalk helps businesses break through the clutter with memorable marketing materials. We help them develop a better understanding of where they stand in the competitive marketplace -- how to establish the right identity, the right message, the right positioning.

What do you like best about it? There's nothing more rewarding than receiving a call from a client saying, "We're getting absolutely fantastic positive reaction to that new "logo, brochure, newsletter, Web site, advertisement." Since my role is to help them figure out what promotional tools are the most appropriate, as well as shaping the message, I take a great deal of pride in the success of our collaborative efforts.

What are your key creative inspirations? Honestly, it's my clients. I share their excitement about promoting their businesses, about making those sales happen. There's also the pure enjoyment of hitting on the right idea and working with the designer to give it visual form.

What is your best story of how an idea came about? I'd come up with a new positioning line for a client that just didn't strike him. It reminded him of a commercial for chicken. Later, during the course of conversation, he delivered the perfect positioning line without realizing it. I said, "What did you just say? That's it!"

How has Spark! fit in? My work is only as good as its "packaging" -- the logo that pairs with the positioning line, the design that supports the printed or electronic message while properly expressing the company's image. Ronni and I have teamed up together successfully on any number of client projects. She understands the fundamentals of marketing, and has a terrific appreciation of the importance of the message. I'm very proud of the work weíve done together.

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